Under Construction - Guided Instruction Manual

Video & Graphic Design


Under Construction explores the notion of “constructed realities”, particularly from a queer perspective, with the use of absurdity and camp theatrics as a queer coping mechanism. This project accepts unfortunate realities, transmuting negative experiences through building subverted realities by arranging and re-arranging blocks into new architectural formations, creating new sets, props, and environments from which to inhabit; before deconstructing and reconstructing anew.

The demonstration of continually rebuilding your environment from the ground up in an adaptable and malleable fashion illustrates TQAF’s statement that “queerness [seems] an outcome of and an exercise in alternate temporalities”, and the “potential of a liberator relationship with time, space, and society”.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION posits that the queer fear of destruction results in retaliation through adopted impermanence. A fluid way of being.

This re-iteration of UNDER CONSTRUCTION was designed for the 3rd Thessaloniki Queer Art Festival "What Is Fear?" as a set of “instruction manuals”: synthesizing the graphic design language of furniture building instruction manuals and guided exercise/meditation

video media.

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