released November 24, 2023

Persimmon is an album of multi-phased and orchestrally layered songs about the loneliness and isolation of growing up and growing apart.
From friends and family, from society, and from even your own body.

Starting off as accidents on the piano, through continual play over years, these small phrases developed into ornate orchestral compositions. Think Owen Pallett’s “Heartland” at the hands of Julia Holter. A record for those who prefer “The Dreaming” to “Hounds of Love”, and miss the beautiful and violent juxtapositions of St Vincent’s “Actor”, but with a love for Morricone.

Inspired by film scores, these orchestrations are embroidered with foley sounds like ocean waves, street noises, to even gunshots and dogs howling, embellishing the cinematic atmosphere.

Like the title’s namesake (Persimmon, a fruit), the first half of the record’s manically shifting and violent propulsive arrangements have their guard up, presenting an astringency that when left to ripen by the second half, falls apart in a syrupy and complexly sweet mess.

Ultimately, with this record I present a negotiation between either succumbing to the depths of despair or the uncertain potentials of hope. And I like to think by the closing track “Dare to Hope” I’ve chosen the latter.

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