(Instigation) Waiting Room

Performance Installation


A hybrid performance/installation piece that explores the relationship between performer, viewer, and projection, through imposed theatrical design. Viewers are invited to unknowingly walk into the set of a Doctor’s waiting room and are greeted by the “receptionist”. All encompassing large-scale projected images blanket the set in conjunction with idiosyncratic audio clips in an increasingly erratic manner. The diversity of images sourced from stock footage, iconic film, and abstract expressionist paintings, were chosen in hopes to influence and illicit different reactions in the viewer. The erratic audio/ visuals mixed with the spontaneous, and sometimes unwarrantedly confrontational questions/dialogue of the receptionist, seek to disorient the viewer; instilling in them a sense of anxiety. The viewers themselves become a working component of the piece, in that their responses to questions create unique dialogue with every performance; prompting improvisational responses from me as a performer.

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