Crisis Du Jour

Web Series


I acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. 

  Crisis Du Jour is a web series co-opting the aesthetics of educational children’s programming (with an absurdist twist) to equip an audience, assumed to already be potty trained, with the life skills that we were never really taught.

  Hosted by a clownish cartoon-brought-to-life, Petty Déjeuner provides the nouveau adulte a series of lessons and tips to make getting out of bed in the morning just a little less formidable; equipping the newly adult in how to tackle the perilous pitfalls, and existential mundanities of a life that no one prepared them for.

  Each episode tackles a specific adult pitfall and equips the viewer with how to tackle the problem from the advice of expert consultants; outfitted in the theatre-of-the-absurd stylings of children’s programming; including cutout felt decor, sock puppets, and painted faces.

  Much like how children’s television programming is geared to integrate children into good little future citizens of the world, through each Crisis Du Jour we become one step closer to a fully functioning adult human being.

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